Getting started

Download AIMS Desktop

AIMS Desktop can be downloaded from

AIMS Desktop is a large download (over 3GB), if you’re reading this from a mobile connection, you might want to download it on a broadband connection instead.


AIMS Desktop installs a new operating system to your computer. It can be installed alongside an existing system such as Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, BSD or another GNU/Linux system.

Installation Media:

You will need a USB disk that is at least 4GB large. Preparing it as an installation disk for AIMS desktop will overwrite all the data that’s on there, so if you have important files on that USB disk, you should move it to a safer location before writing the installer to disk.

If you’re familiar with the dd command, you can use that from your Linux or macOS system to write the command directly to a raw USB device.

If you’re using Windows and don’t have access to a Linux device, you can download the Rufus USB tool at which makes writing USB disks from Windows really easy and that tool has been confirmed to work with AIMS Desktop media.

Prepare your system:

(backups, defrag, disk utility)


Installing AIMS Desktop