Quo vadis? The port of the original Material theme has replicated nearly all of its features. A few are still missing but I’ve good news: the Hugo community is actively working on this issues. Maybe with the next release of Hugo we can abandon this list. Stay tuned.


Currently, it is possible to collect all strings in a single place for easy customization. However, this only enables you to define all strings in a single language. This approach is quite limiting in terms of localization support. Therefore, I decided to wait for a native integration. This way we can avoid a second setup of all strings in your website.

Keep an eye on #1734.

Beside third-party services, some hacky workarounds and Grunt-/Gulp-based scripts that only require unnecessary dependencies, future versions of Hugo will support the generation of a content index as a core feature.

This approach plays well with this theme since MkDocs does the same.

Keep an eye on #1853.


Did you found an bug or you would like to suggest a new feature? I’m open for feedback. Please open a new issue and let me know.

You’re also welcome to contribute with pull requests.