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......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ Once you've downloaded the file above, you can proceed to the <a href="/getting-
Mirrors are sites that keep a copy of our download location so that local users can download it much faster. Choosing a mirror closest to you should result in the fastest download times.
<li><img src="../images/flags/flag_de_18.png" /> Germany - <a href="aims-desktop-2017.1-20170613-amd64.iso"> Primary international download site</a></li>
<li><img src="../images/flags/flag_de_18.png" /> Germany - <a href="/iso/"> Primary international download site</a></li>
<li><img src="../images/flags/flag_sa_18.png" /> South Africa - <a href=""> Stellenbosch University</a></li>
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