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<b>Download location</b>
Download the current release: <a href="../iso/aims-desktop-2017.1-20170613-amd64.iso">aims-desktop-2017.1-20170613-amd64.iso</a>
Download the current release: <a href="../iso/aims-desktop-2017.1-20170906-amd64.iso">aims-desktop-2017.1-20170906-amd64.iso</a>
This download is over 3GB large. If you have data limits on your current connection,
please take that into consideration before downloading.
<b>Validating the image</b>
SHA256 Checksum: `ca59b17276a75b62e9c53a487b21f9873f47c6c660084662fef844b78e66b1e4`
SHA256 Checksum: `6c799570f81286f6238df4ab103efec8b99476ae8a0a2e88effc3d1bc272ccd6`
The checksum above is a SHA256 sum that you can verify in Linux or OSX using the following command on the iso file, for example:
user@localhost$ sha256sum aims-desktop-2017.1-20170613-amd64.iso
user@localhost$ sha256sum aims-desktop-2017.1-20170906-amd64.iso
If the checksum matches the sha256 checksum above, then your local file is undamaged.
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