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AIMS softwaves

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[Plymouth Theme]
Name=Default theme for AIMS Desktop based on Debian softwaves theme
Description=A theme that features a white AIMS Desktop logo in a pulsing green circle, on a dark red background.
aims-artwork (2017.1.20170206.1) stretch; urgency=medium
* Update plymouth theme
-- Jonathan Carter <> Mon, 06 Feb 2017 09:38:21 +0200
aims-artwork (2017.01.3) stretch; urgency=medium
* Set lock screen background to aims-desktop.png
artwork/backgrounds usr/share/
artwork/plymouth/aims-logo lib/plymouth/themes/
artwork/plymouth/aims-text lib/plymouth/themes/
artwork/plymoutn/aims-softwaves lib/plymouth/themes/
conf/gsettings/95_aims-artwork.gschema.override usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/
conf/gconf/95_aims-artwork usr/share/gconf/defaults/
conf/gnome-background-properties usr/share
plymouth-set-default-theme softwaves
plymouth-set-default-theme aims-softwaves
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