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# Bootloader configuration. The bootloader is installed to allow
# the system to start (and pick one of the installed operating
# systems to run).
# Define which bootloader you want to use for EFI installations
# Possible options are 'grub', 'sb-shim' and 'systemd-boot'.
efiBootLoader: "grub"
# systemd-boot configuration files settings, set kernel and initramfs file names
# and amount of time before default selection boots
kernel: "/vmlinuz-linux"
img: "/initramfs-linux.img"
fallback: "/initramfs-linux-fallback.img"
timeout: "10"
# Optionally set the menu entry name and kernel name to use in systemd-boot.
# If not specified here, these settings will be taken from branding.desc.
# bootloaderEntryName: "Generic GNU/Linux"
# kernelLine: ", with Stable-Kernel"
# fallbackKernelLine: ", with Stable-Kernel (fallback initramfs)"
# GRUB 2 binary names and boot directory
# Some distributions (e.g. Fedora) use grub2-* (resp. /boot/grub2/) names.
# These names are also used when using sb-shim, since that needs some
# GRUB functionality (notably grub-probe) to work. As needed, you may use
# complete paths like `/usr/bin/efibootmgr` for the executables.
grubInstall: "grub-install"
grubMkconfig: "grub-mkconfig"
grubCfg: "/boot/grub/grub.cfg"
grubProbe: "grub-probe"
efiBootMgr: "efibootmgr"
# Optionally set the bootloader ID to use for EFI. This is passed to
# grub-install --bootloader-id.
# If not set here, the value from bootloaderEntryName from branding.desc
# is used, with problematic characters (space and slash) replaced.
# The ID is also used as a directory name within the EFI environment,
# and the bootloader is copied from /boot/efi/EFI/<dirname>/ . When
# setting the option here, keep in mind that the name is sanitized
# (problematic characters, see above, are replaced).
# efiBootloaderId: "dirname"
# Optionally install a copy of the GRUB EFI bootloader as the EFI
# fallback loader (either bootia32.efi or bootx64.efi depending on
# the system). This may be needed on certain systems (Intel DH87MC
# seems to be the only one). If you set this to false, take care
# to add another module to optionally install the fallback on those
# boards that need it.
installEFIFallback: true
Package: aims-live
Version: 2020.1
Architecture: all
Maintainer: Jonathan Carter <>
Jan Groenewald <>
Installed-Size: 216
Depends: calamares, hashcheck, live-boot, live-boot-initramfs-tools, live-config, live-config-systemd, live-tools, qml-module-qtquick-window2, qml-module-qtquick2, user-setup, xserver-xorg-legacy, md5sumchecker, dconf-gsettings-backend | gsettings-backend
Conflicts: antiword, catdoc, cups-browsed, cython-doc, docbook-dsssl, docutils-doc, ecl-doc, fckeditor, fflas-ffpack-dev-doc, fflas-ffpack-user-doc, gmp-doc, httpd-cgi, libgmp10-doc, libmpfi-doc, libmpfr-dev, mercurial, nauty-doc, pari-galpol, pari-gp2c, python-4suite-xml, python-attr-doc, python-cairocffi, python-configobj, python-cycler-doc, python-cysignals-doc, python-flask-autoindex-doc, python-flask-babel-doc, python-flask-doc, python-flask-openid-doc, python-flask-silk-doc, python-flup, python-fpylll-doc, python-gd-dbg, python-gdchart, python-genshi, python-glade2, python-greenlet, python-ldap, python-manuel, python-matplotlib-doc, python-memcache, python-mpmath-doc, python-mysqldb, python-networkx-doc, python-nose, python-pam, python-ply-doc, python-pydot, python-pylibmc, python-pyparsing-doc, python-pyxmpp, python-qt3, python-qt4, python-redis, python-rpy-docs, python-scipy-doc, python-serial, python-sip, python-sphinx-rtd-theme, python-stemmer, python-traits, python-twisted-bin-dbg, python-werkzeug-doc, python-wxgtk3.0, python-xml, python-zope.testing, sagetex-doc, singular-dev-doc, slime, sphinx-doc, sqlite3-doc, symmetrica-doc, tachyon-doc, texlive-fonts-extra-doc, texlive-latex-base-doc, texlive-latex-extra-doc, texlive-latex-recommended-doc, texlive-pictures-doc, texlive-pstricks-doc, texlive-publishers-doc, texlive-science-doc
Section: gnome
Priority: optional
Description: AIMS Desktop live system
This package is intended for use on AIMS Desktop live media.
This is used on live CD and USB images and is not intended for
installation on normal systems.
1afefa3ab7588c5f84acceb77926d296 usr/lib/calamares/modules/bootloader-eficonfig/module.desc
7adacbd9d6a2b94e1e7ff35120e3340e usr/lib/calamares/modules/enable-locales/module.desc
cfe04b8d3dc177631e1c8ca3d9f15b44 usr/lib/calamares/modules/mount-media-chroot/module.desc
d7ff8b34bf24e5ffc02325c12d0c0556 usr/lib/calamares/modules/sources-final/module.desc
3eadea9ee31ecf977d18e1eedb442972 usr/lib/calamares/modules/sources-installtime/module.desc
da7e8c307c37dd1a92c8cd57692ddf80 usr/lib/calamares/modules/unmount-media-chroot/module.desc
56560642d9d9406de52c3b436f4bfae8 usr/sbin/bootloader-eficonfig
c72e4cd93838046cb1993a0e7348f5a6 usr/sbin/enable-locales
650bbb048010c5442d35312196551e0e usr/sbin/mount-media-chroot
b00967c04003d44f86cabb89d325287c usr/sbin/sources-final
c253e89eb9a34ef1431515a63f7b4ea7 usr/sbin/sources-installtime
ab3179cb9bcb22bc1dd60dfdbabbf3de usr/sbin/unmount-media-chroot
5714184e5b32e56637813b80281ca43f usr/share/applications/install-aims-desktop.desktop
c27264a67a678d4030741bc97394bb07 usr/share/doc/aims-live/changelog.gz
cb4a9446c23a660a4d8ef498074a193b usr/share/doc/aims-live/copyright
0768e481533b432cb00be1223d8d6e35 usr/share/glib-2.0/schemas/96_aims-desktop-live.gschema.override
2b20854043cb31039d7f9da5d1473466 usr/share/pixmaps/install-aims-desktop.png
# Generate unique IDs for this machine:
dbus-uuidgen --ensure
# Ping must me set suid, which we lost with squashfs extraction
chmod +s /bin/ping
# Set root filesystem persmissions correctly
chmod 0755 /
case "$1" in
# Restore original Calamares icon
dpkg-divert --quiet --rename --package aims-live \
--remove /usr/share/applications/calamares.desktop
exit 0
set -e
case "$1" in
cleanup_and_divert() {
# Play it safe because diverts can go wrong
if [ -f $1.orig ]; then
mv $1.orig $1
dpkg-divert --quiet --package aims-live \
--divert $1.orig --rename $1
# Calamares .desktop file
cleanup_and_divert /usr/share/applications/calamares.desktop
type: "job"
name: "bootloader-eficonfig"
interface: "process"
command: "/usr/sbin/bootloader-eficonfig"
timeout: 600
componentName: aimsdesktop
productName: AIMS Desktop
shortProductName: AIMS Desktop
version: 2018.1
shortVersion: 2018.1
versionedName: AIMS Desktop 2018.1
shortVersionedName: AIMS Desktop 2018.1
bootloaderEntryName: AIMS Desktop
productLogo: "aimsdesktop.png"
productIcon: "aimsdesktop.png"
productWelcome: "languages.png"
slideshow: "show.qml"
sidebarBackground: "#2f343f"
sidebarText: "#FFFFFF"
sidebarTextSelect: "#093c7c"
/* === This file is part of Calamares - <> ===
* Copyright 2015, Teo Mrnjavac <>
* Calamares is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
* the Free Software Foundation, ei[\chm-
* (at your option) any later version.
* Calamares is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with Calamares. If not, see <>.
import QtQuick 2.0;
import calamares.slideshow 1.0;
id: presentation
Timer {
interval: 20000
repeat: true
onTriggered: presentation.goToNextSlide()
Slide {
Image {
id: background1
source: "slide1.png"
width: 467; height: 280
fillMode: Image.PreserveAspectFit
anchors.centerIn: parent
Text {
anchors.horizontalCenter: background1.horizontalCenter background1.bottom
text: "Welcome to AIMS Desktop.<br/>"+
"The rest of the installation is automated and we'll notify you when it's complete."
wrapMode: Text.WordWrap
width: 600
horizontalAlignment: Text.Center
type: "job"
name: "enable-locales"
interface: "process"
command: "/usr/sbin/enable-locales"
restartNowEnabled: true
restartNowChecked: true
restartNowCommand: "systemctl -i reboot"
default: defaults,noatime
btrfs: defaults,noatime,space_cache,autodefrag
ext4: discard
jfs: discard
xfs: discard
swap: discard
btrfs: discard,compress=lzo
crypttabOptions: luks,keyscript=/bin/cat
backend: apt
- remove:
- calamares
- '^live-*'
- '^libkf5*'
# This setting specifies the mount point of the EFI system partition. Some
# distributions (Fedora, Debian, Manjaro, etc.) use /boot/efi, others (KaOS,
# etc.) use just /boot.
efiSystemPartition: "/boot/efi"
# Make sure an autogenerated swap partition is big enough for hibernation in
# automated partitioning modes.
# Default is true.
ensureSuspendToDisk: true
# Never create swap partitions in automated partitioning modes.
# If this is true, ensureSuspendToDisk is ignored.
# Default is false.
neverCreateSwap: true
# Correctly draw nested (e.g. logical) partitions as such.
drawNestedPartitions: false
# Show/hide partition labels on manual partitioning page.
alwaysShowPartitionLabels: true
# Default filesystem type, pre-selected in the "Create Partition" dialog.
# The filesystem type selected here is also used for automated install
# modes (Erase, Replace and Alongside).
# Suggested values: ext2, ext3, ext4, reiser, xfs, jfs, btrfs
# If nothing is specified, Calamares defaults to "ext4".
defaultFileSystemType: "ext4"
# Show/hide LUKS related functionality in automated partitioning modes.
# Disable this if you choose not to deploy early unlocking support in GRUB2
# and/or your distribution's initramfs solution.
# This option is unsupported, as it cuts out a crucial security feature.
# Disabling LUKS and shipping Calamares without a correctly configured GRUB2
# and initramfs is considered suboptimal use of the Calamares software. The
# Calamares team will not provide user support for any potential issue that
# may arise as a consequence of setting this option to false.
# It is strongly recommended that system integrators put in the work to support
# LUKS unlocking support in GRUB2 and initramfs/dracut/mkinitcpio/etc.
# Support is offered to system integrators that wish to do so, through the
# Calamares bug tracker, as well as in #calamares on Freenode.
# For more information on setting up GRUB2 for Calamares with LUKS, see
# If nothing is specified, LUKS is enabled in automated modes.
#enableLuksAutomatedPartitioning: true
- source: "/lib/live/mount/medium/live/filesystem.squashfs"
sourcefs: "squashfs"
destination: ""
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