Commit 0b711f4e authored by Jan Groenewald's avatar Jan Groenewald
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parent 5693f00f
aims-desktop (2:2022.22) bullseye; urgency=medium
* Add aims-install-julia to debian/install file
-- Jan Groenewald <> Wed, 01 Sep 2021 15:38:17 +0200
aims-desktop (2:2022.21) bullseye; urgency=medium
* Version bump for upgrades from buster aims-desktop2:2020 to bullseye
......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ aims-starburst.png usr/share/pixmaps
bin/aims-collect-support-data usr/bin
bin/aims-complete-install usr/sbin
bin/aims-install-irkernel usr/sbin
bin/aims-install-julia usr/sbin
bin/aims-install-jupyter-kernel-singular usr/sbin
bin/aims-install-latest-firefox usr/sbin
bin/aims-install-macaulay2 usr/sbin
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